News juice that we’re pickling, and Germany is bulldozing their way into the news.

Coming from

“Coinbase Approved to Enter German Cryptocurrency Market”

“The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin) has awarded Coinbase Germany GmbH a license for crypto custody and trading under the new licensing regime introduced in…

We’re bringing you the four altcoins to watch closely in the month of July.

Before we dive in though, we’re by no means financial advisors we’re simply ordinary people doing research into crypto.

A lot of these projects that we do research on, we share with you, and with most…

Sam Altman’s ‘Worldcoin’ Wants to Give You Crypto in Exchange for Eyeball Scans

Today we’re breaking down our news into little fudge squares that have been disgustingly burnt and turned into a lava cake.

Mexico is throwing a red flag at crypto and kicking them out of the financial system. This is an article from CoinDesk:

“Mexico’s Finance Minister Confirms Crypto is Banned…

Cryptocurrency and Inflation

How to Hedge Against It With A Traditional Finance Investing Strategy in DeFi.

Watch the full video here.

This week we’re touching on the topic of inflation.

We’re going to review an article from the Wall Street Journal. “U.S. …

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